Busby Web Services Web Site

Welcome to the Busby Web Services web site.

My name is Bret Busby, and I provide web services, which are my particular version of Busby web solutions; the Bret Busby web solutions.

I provide advice about getting a web presence, for businesses and non-profit organisations, and I provide advice about Internet facilities and computer software, including anti-viral software and other software relating to computer security, and advice about operating systems, and networking, and I develop and maintain web sites.

I have been doing this for several years, now, and have a background in university undergraduate studies in software development, operating systems, networking, and web site development.

The computer operating system, that I primarily use, is UbuntuMATE Linux (see https://ubuntu-mate.org/ ), and I have also used Debian Linux, and, computers with multiple operating systems.

The web sites that I develop, are designed to be as simple as possible, to make them as efficient as possible, and, to make them universally accessible, so that their appearance should be reasonably consistent, and independent of each operating system and web browser combination, as much as is reasonable.

I try to reduce, as much as possible, the need for auxilliary software, such as plug-ins, as they can cause problems, including problems in computer security.

In my web site development, I seek to apply practical and consistent standards, to try to ensure that the web sites on which I work, are as informative and efficient and tidy, as possible

If you want to find more about my Busby web services, and, my Bret Busby web solutions, I can be contacted by email, at Bret

This web page was last updated on 28 May, 2016